Saperavi Qvevri

"Saperavi Qvevri"-is made out of Kakheti cultivated ancient Georgian grape variety Saperavi. It is characterized by a dark ruby, purple color. Therein each other blithely are being replaced blackberries, cherries, black forest berries, plum aroma and taste, What attributes to it individuality. Its uniqueness is being manifested in the vicinity with an ancestral traditions.


Kisi Qvevri

"Kisi Qvevri"-is made from Georgian ancient variety grape specie Kisi. The grapes from the vintage is boiling in the pitcher with 4-5 month of exposure .It has a dark beige. It is distinguished by delicate fruit and dried fruit taste. It is harmonious, and has soft and healing properties.


Khikhivi Qvevris

"Khikhvi Qvevris" is made of Georgian ancient vine Khikhvi. IT has a golden color with a greenish tone. After Fermentation of 4-5 months’ exposure , without our intervention in the pitcher . It stand out from the meadow flower,mature fruit with a pleasant color and taste it is delicate and velvety.It has a high antioksidanty healing properties.


Mtsvane Qvevri

"Mtsvane Qvevri"- is made from Kakheti grown grape variety "Kakhuri Mtsvane". It has a beige greenish coloration. After Fermentation of 4-5 months’ exposure , without our intervention in the pitcher. Feels like ripe fruit, and a variety of dried fruit flavor and taste, which blithely mingles with each other while the tasting . It is full and velvety.


Rkatsiteli Qvevri

“Rkatsiteli Qvevri“ – is being produced from Georgian ancient vine variety Rkatsiteli which made based on tough sharing of ancestral tradition together with a full Chacha (main stalk of bunch of grapes, grains). After Fermentation of 4-5 months’ exposure, without our intervention in the pitcher. It is distinguished by dark beige Golden colors. Honey, flower petals and roasted walnut tones dynamically replaces each other, giving it fullness and elegance attributes.