About company

The company "Qvevri wine cellar"(‘’KVEVRIS GVINIS MARANI’’) since 2015 is based on ancestral wine-jar wine production of 350 years of traditions. the recovery of ancestral tradition, relies on long term experience of Qvevri wine cellar, considering the ancestral traditions.
Our team is staffed with high qualified specialists, which using modern technology and based on ancient tradition , are producing a high-quality Georgian wines .

Our mission

" Qvevri wine cellar" aims to deliver cartels vine varieties corresponding to a high- quality wine-jar vine traditions. We are striving to eliminate the problems in this field.

Our vision

" Qvevri wine cellar" is to be established of such a developing company , which shall be focused on the creation of the products with a high quality and affordability.

Our values

Responsibility - Our customer ‘s satisfaction is very important, so we can constantly provide customers with Wine-jar wine having a high quality and ancient.
Results-oriented - we are making it possible your expectations to turn into reality.
Respectability – relationship with us has always been open and transparent.